Fruit Sprayer (2-pack) -- 49%OFF
Fruit Sprayer (2-pack) -- 49%OFF
Fruit Sprayer (2-pack) -- 49%OFF
Fruit Sprayer (2-pack) -- 49%OFF
Fruit Sprayer (2-pack) -- 49%OFF
Fruit Sprayer (2-pack) -- 49%OFF
Fruit Sprayer (2-pack) -- 49%OFF
Fruit Sprayer (2-pack) -- 49%OFF

Fruit Sprayer (2-pack) -- 49%OFF

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Fall in love with healthy, easy cooking with the most innovative products Quality, functionality and design. 
The Citrus Sprayer will add flavor with lemon, lime or other citrus with this spritzer. Add a spritz to drinks, seafood, salads and more.
Mainly applied to soft flesh, such as lemon,orange, watermelon fruit.



  • Easy to use: screw-like design can easily be inserted and secured inside the fruit and the juice fills the filter through the holes in the sprayer
  • Comfortable: silicone ring prevents juice from coming out and the dish allows the fruit to stand when not using it
  • Dishwasher safe: PVC Silicone Strap & Atomizing Spray Head & Screw Twist Stem Design & ABS Plastic Tray.
  • Detachable: comes apart completely for easy and thorough cleaning

After removing a small portion of the peel, screw the pointed threaded end down into the fruit. Then gently massage the citrus to release the juices and spray away!

It also preserves your fruit juice for later use by putting the fruit and spritzer top directly into the fridge. It is easy to use and clean, just insert the downward spiral point directly into fruits and twist it to avoid harm to hands and fingers.

Set includes two sizes as well as a plastic tray: one for bigger fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits; another one for smaller fruits such as limes or tangerines.